Certificate of Goods

Portuguese nationals working and residing outside of the EU territory, for at least 12 consecutive months, can take personal property when returning to Portugal, free of duty and VAT exemption - Tax on Added values.

For this, a Certificate of Goods will need to be issued by the consulate of your area of residence:

  • Portuguese nationals need to be registered at the consulate;
  • Foreign citizens can also request the certificate after obtaining a residence visa for Portugal.

Personal goods of the applicant or family includes:

  • Home contents ;
  • Household pets and saddle animals;
  • Portable instruments used by the applicant for professional purposes (mechanical and liberal professions).

Exemptions: alcoholic products; food in general, including drinks; tobacco and tobacco products; commercial transport and materials for professional use other than portable instruments used for mechanical or liberal professions.

Please post or email the following documents:

  • Personal details form;
  • List of goods filled in (except for  column nº de ordem) and signed
  • Proof of address in Australia (over 12 months)
  • Address in Portugal
  • Photocopies of one way ticket
  • Photocopy of Identity Card or Passport
  • Proof of bank transfer

The certificate of goods will be mailed to your address in Australia or Portugal (please select) which must be paid by bank transfer;

Postage Australia:

  • Certificate mailed by Registered Post AUD 42.00*
  • Certificate mailed by Express Post AUD 43.65*

Postage Portugal:

  • Certificate mailed by Registered Post AUD 53.10*
  • Certificate mailed  by Express Post AUD 90.05*


* amount subject to exchange rate changes