Criminal Record

To apply for a Portuguese criminal record you will have to provide a Portuguese identity card/passport or foreign passport/driver license and address where you lived in Portugal.

Option 1

Obtaining a criminal record directly in Portugal is quicker; any person (friend, family, etc.) may apply in any “Loja do Cidadão” or legal departments by presenting:
 - a copy of your BI / Cartão de Cidadão, passport or driver license
 - a declaration which includes the purpose for which it is intended and identification of the person who will physically ask for the criminal record on your behalf (with BI, with CC, with foreign ID, with any ID) and signed in person at this Consulate General (link reconhecimento assinatura).

Option 2

Requested at this Consulate General (processing time may take more than 3 months).

Payment of € 5 made to:

Direcção de Serviços de Identificação Criminal

The amount must be paid by international bank draft.

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