Cartão de Cidadão (ID card) - Request

The Cartão de Cidadão (citizen card) is mandatory for all nationals residing in Portugal or abroad from the age of six or as soon as it is requested by any public service.

To obtain/renew the Cartão de Cidadão you need to make an appointment and attend this Consulate General Monday to Friday from 9am to 1230pm:

When applying you should bring the Bilhete de Identidade/Cartão de Cidadão and if applicable the following cards: Portuguese tax file number, social security and national health service.

Payment options:

  • Bank transfer;
  • 'Money Order' in favor of "Consulate General of Portugal in Sydney"
  • Cash (AUD)

The Cartão de Cidadão usually takes 2-4 weeks to be issued.

For your convenience and to avoid a second visit to this Consulate, you can choose to receive the Cartão de Cidadão at home or at another address indicated by you.

If you live far away, we advise you to stay in Sydney more than one day, since the computer system may have unexpected technical problems.

This information is valid for applications made in person at this Consulate General in Sydney.



  • under 25 years old - pick up at consulate: AUD 30.30*
  • under 25 years old - mailed to a provided address: AUD 35.30*
  • over 25 years old - pick up at consulate: AUD 34.75*
  • over 25 years old - mailed to a provided address: AUD 39.75*
  • urgent: AUD 67.05*

*Amount subject to exchange rate


For more details visit


 If you live abroad or are going to travel please check the validity date of your  identification and travel documents.

They are essential as identification to be presented whenever requested by the competent authorities, as well as to travel to and from different countries.