Taking animals with you

Information about Entry into Portugal of pets traveling with their owner / authorized person from countries outside the European Union and annexed countries .

Please contact the Veterinary Directorate General for any further clarification :


-It is considered of no commercial nature, a pet or pets to a maximum of five, that accompany their owner or authorized person during  non-commercial travels and remain the responsibility of the owner or the authorized person;

-The control of these pets in structures called the Travellers Entry Points (ports and airports) is mandatory.

-The identification of pets with microchip or tattoo (the latter is applied before July 3, 2011), made prior or at the same time of the vaccination against rabies. A vaccination against rabies before the identification is not considered valid;

-A Vaccination against rabies which can only take place from 12 weeks of age and, in the case of a primary vaccination, is considered valid 21 days after the administration and in the case of a revaccination after administration, if the  deadlines stipulated by the manufacturing laboratory are met. Any revaccination that does not meet the timeframe is considered a primary vaccination;


For countries not listed in Part 2 of Annex II to Regulation ( EU) No 577/2013 :

- A blood test to check the number of enough antibodies in regard to rabies ( carried out in laboratories approved by the EU, at least 1 month after vaccination against rabies, either the first time the animal is vaccinated , whether one revaccination ) ; http://ec.europa.eu/food/animals/pet-movement/index_en.htm

-The completion of a period of 3 months before the pets travel to Portugal , from the date of the blood was taking for the test referred to above. However this period of three months does not apply to the return of a pet that has left already the EU space with the analysis carried out with favorable results and the conditions previously referred to fulfilled.

In turn, these pets are accompanied by a health certificate (validated by the official authority if it was filled by an authorized veterinarian - NOVO) which will be as a community model set out in Part 1 Annex IV to Regulation (EU) No 577 / 2013 (NEW).
However, certificates issued before 29 December 2014, which correspond to the model set out in Annex II to Decision 2011/874 / EU, valid for 10 days, will still be accepted until presentation at the Travellers Community Entry Points control.

-It is mandatory for the owner / authorized person that travels with the pets to contact in writing the Competent Authority of the Travellers Entry Point, whose contact list is attached, within 48 hours prior to arrival for  control purposes;

-Penalties will apply to travelers whose animals do not meet one or more of the conditions set out in legislation.
-A Passport issued in the EU before the pet leaves to a country outside the EU, where sanitary conditions laid down in the legislation were registered, is valid to return to the EU, if there is no change of these health conditions (identification / vaccination / revaccination against rabies / titration of rabies antibodies) that alter the information in the passport.

Being in place very strict protection measures, the non-compliance with any of the established rules will lead, the first instance, to the return of the pet to the country of origin. Ultimately euthanasia will be considered.

All expenditure arising out of the above are charged to holders.

Portugal does not allow the entry of YOUNG dogs, cats and ferrets under 12 weeks of age or between 12 and 16 weeks of age but vaccinated against rabies less than 21 days ago, from countries outside the EU.


All this information, as well as other additional that may be important in the context, is on our website: http://www.dgv.min-agricultura.pt/portal/page/portal/DGV/genericos?actualmenu=21422&generico=21424&cboui=21424