13 March – Inauguration of the Delegation of aicep Portugal Global – Trade and Investment Agency of Portugal

AICEP Inaugurates Delegation in Australia


O President of AICEP inaugurated, on 13 March, in Sydney, the Delegation of the Trade and Investment Agency of Portugal in Australia.


Miguel Frasquilho stated that the new delegation of AICEP intends to contribute the promotion of the Portuguese exports to Australia and attract foreign investment to Portugal.


822 Portuguese companies are already exporting to Australia, mainly cork, machinery, shoes, textiles and technology. Goods and services account for around 300 million euros. The exports to Australia doubled between 2012 and 2016.


In the attraction of foreign direct investment dimension, the President of AICEP recalled that some Australian companies already have Portugal in their radar, but there is still a big potential still to be explored.


In the presence of more than 60 guests, among companies, diplomatic corps, chambers of commerce and institutional partners, the President of AICEP identified the competitive advantages of Portugal to attract foreign investment, underlining that this is the right time to invest in the country.



The President of the Agency for Trade and Investment of Portugal was on mission in Australia, where he maintained contacts with current and potential investors and meetings with institutional partners.