Cartão de Cidadão (ID card) - Change of Address

What should I do before making an application for Change of Address?

You must be in possession of the card PIN's, including Authentication PIN and Address PIN. 

PINs will be needed for address confirmation (process carried out upon receipt of a Letter of Confirmation at the address indicated by the citizen at the time of Application for Change of Address).

To change the address, citizens should bring or mail to this Consulate General:

  • Citizen Card (CC) 
  • Letter requesting change of address with personal details including contacts
  • PIN codes, including the Authentication PIN and Address PIN;
  • Prepaid self-addressed envelope "registered post" 
  • AUD 5.65 * Cash (request in person) or Money Order (request by mail)

If you are not in the possession of the PINs of your ID card, you should request an application for a new card.

You will receive a new letter with PINs which must be scanned and emailed (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for change of address confirmation.

The address confirmation must be done within the time specified in the Address Confirmation Letter. After this time, you cannot make the address confirmation and will have to make a new request.

The address, once confirmed, will be communicated to the Civil Identification Services, Finance, Health, Social Security and Voter Registration

*Amount subject to exchange rate